About Our Club

Aero R/C Club was established in the early 60's. We own the property where our field is located and invite you to come out to join in the fun of radio control flying.

The primary purpose of our club is to promote the art of radio controlled flying of miniature (model) aircraft. Secondly, but no less important, is to bring together a community of people interested in radio control flying as a hobby, to exchange knowledge, and to cultivate a friendly association and competitive spirit aimed at the growth of the hobby as a whole.

Aero R/C Club, Inc. is an AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) chartered club - number 350. We fly in accordance with the AMA's safety rules and require our members to maintain their membership with the AMA.


Aero R/C Club gathers for monthly meetings during the flying season (May through September) at the air field, known as Baker Field. Baker Field is located at 2039 Sheridan Road (M-13) just north of Lennon, Michigan. Sheridan Road is the dividing line between Genssee and Shiawassee Counties. You can see more about our field and it's location by clicking 'The Field' tab at the top of the page.

All members and guest are invited to attend the meetings. If you are interested in becoming a member, this is a great way to meet our group and see what we do.

Flying At Our Field

New members are asked to fly with an examiner to show your skills before flying solo. This is for the club's assurance of safety. If you are a beginner to R/C flight, we have a number of instructors available to offer free instruction. You may download our Flight Training Guide from the Member's page (access will be shared upon joining the club).

Guests to our field are asked to fly with one of our members as a sponsor. They will share the details about flying at our field. You will also need to have an AMA membership as they cover pilots with liability insurance.

Joining Aero R/C Club:

We would be happy to have you join the ranks of our club. Please contact our Club Secretary, Mike Wing at mwing48448@gmail.com for a membership form or check the events calendar on the Home Page and be our guest at one of our monthly meetings. Be sure to introduce yourself so we can fill you in with the details.

Club Officers

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our club officers. They will be glad to talk with you and help in any way they can.

Office: Name
President: Bruce Doll
Vice President: Tony Maroun
Treasurer: Jim Brichan
Secretary: Mike Wing
Financial Secretary:  
Field Manager: Bob Grossman
Safety Director: John Farney
Newsletter Editor: Mike Wing
Website Editor: Gregg Brichan